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The proprietor Ken Gorman, is a retired high school teacher, retired high school governor, retired Lancashire Junior Chess Organiser (1987-1998), and an Hon. Vice-President of the Lancashire Chess Association.

REVELATION II: TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO PAY, and I'LL SEE IF I CAN MANAGE IT. OFFER APPLIES IN JULY, 2015. Click on 'Rev. II prices' or 'read more' to see my normal low prices. FULL DGT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

FOR SALE: DGT Bluetooth Walnut board, with Classic pieces and DGT 3000 clock, sold Dec. 2014: £450 o.n.o

Owner will send to you from Sussex.  SOLD.

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ken 10850 Revelation II with Timeless Pieces bb_1-1 DGT 2010 clock 222 opening traps How to Play Winning Attacks - Wolff (105 mins.) £ 10122 dgt e-board wenge classic