Chess Clocks


LEAP Chess Clock

(£29.99 + £3.00 postage (UK)) (FIDE APPROVED)

Simple to operate
* 37 pre-programmed settings including Fischer, Bronstein, Byo-yomi (for Go)
* Special user "00" setting with up to 4 time periods
* Special User "99" setting - amend and save any of the 37 pre-programmed settings
* Colour on lever indicates side to move
* Easy to amend time during the game
* One AA battery required (battery not included)
* 12-month warranty
* All user settings retained if battery is removed for a short time
* Move counter operational in all settings
* User manual and card box with magnetic fastening

Dimensions (approx.)
Card box: 15.0 x 10.5 x 5.8cm
Digital Timer: 13.8 x 9.5 x 4.0cm
Display size: 5.0 x 1.9cm on each side
Overall display width: 10.5cm, including central divider

Ideal for club, tournament or individual use. (Approved by the FIDE TEC Commission on 22/1/2018)


DGT 3000 Chess Clock

£77 with free postage
Includes 5-year guarantee
For countries other than the UK and EU, please ask.
The DGT 3000 was launched in October 2014 and is DGT's most advanced chess clock. It has many great features and in addition connects with all DGT e-boards. Simply the best and in full accordance with FIDE rules and regulations.

The DGT 3000 replaces the DGT XL and has many new features:
* seconds are always shown from the start
* much larger display with more information
* 25 pre-set timing systems
* 5 slots for customized settings
* 5-year manufacturer's warranty!
* US delay and Bronstein delay
For full details please see the DGT 3000 Manual


DGT 2010 Chess Clock

CLOCK £49 with free postage (UK)

Numerous improvements since the DGT 2000 have been implemented in the DGT 2010:

Permanent memory for manual settings
Larger displays with more info in display
Much easier to programme
Buzzer function
Canadian and Japanese byo-yomi
Only two batteries (now included in delivery)
New lever mechanism

The DGT 2010i s in full accordance with the World Chess Federation (FIDE) Laws of Chess.

You can use the DGT 2010 for Chess, Scrabble, or to fight a battle in "RISK" and all kinds of games.
Size: 19.5cm x 10.3cm x 5.5cm: Weight 0.430kg



£33.95 + £3.00 postage

The first game timer for everybody, for every game.
Easy to operate:

All basic functionality

One-button game restart

Multiple attractive colours

Attractive and robust Gift Box

Sharp pricing competes with analogue clocks

Easy Plus with advanced functions

2 AA (Penlight) batteries giving 2 years of operation (not supplied)


DGT Easy Chess Clock

£29.99 + £3.00 p & p

A single period game timer which does everything a mechanical clock will do but electronically with much greater accuracy. Crimson plastic casing with white stop/start bar.

In 2014 this updated version of the Easy Game Timer was released with larger display, larger buttons, improved lever, additional "move timer plus save" option and batteries included.

The DGT Easy clocks are extremely strong and durable and very suitable for children. High quality and absolute simplicity in an elegant design. Use at school, club or home.

This upgraded version has larger display, improved lever operation and extra timing option. Move timer, game timer and count-up options are included as well as move timer save option. Individual time settings are possible for each player. Handy front buttons, simple one-touch reset and optional buzzer.

+ Easy to operate
+ All basic functionality
+ One-button game restart
+ Attractive and robust Gift Box!
+ Sharp pricing competes with analogue clocks!
+ Requires 2 x AA batteries giving 2 years of operation (included)

Attractive Gift Box for protected storage too
2-year warranty
Size: 14.4cm width, 13.4cm deep, 7cm high. Weight in Gift Box: 430 grams.