DGT USB Sensory Chess Board

DGT USB Sensory Chess Board

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Including VAT and tracked, insured delivery to the UK and the EU

Area 2

With UK tax deducted and with tracked, insured delivery to the USA & Canada

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This brand-new beautifully-inlaid wooden DGT Sensory Chess Board (for Fritz etc.) is GUARANTEED FOR 24 MONTHS. By using this Sensory Board with your PC, you can play against a chess programme on this board instead of on the screen – a great attraction for many players. The new Rybka 4 or Fritz 16 programmes are not included but can be supplied. A Fritz 12 equivalent programme is included.
No mains adaptor is needed, as power is supplied via the PC’s power supply.
DELIVERY DETAILS (UK): The DGT USB or Bluetooth boards are processed within 2 working days after payment, and delivered in a further 2 working days, with tracking.

Using this board (or the Bluetooth version) with a PC with a world championship chess programme, is the only way of owning the strongest wooden board chess computer in the world, unless you buy from Doska the £2,500 Revelation II dedicated chess computer.
No mains adaptor is needed, as power is supplied via the PC’s power supply.
UK CUSTOMERS: These are your prices for payment by PayPal, and this is the price EU customers will normally need to pay. The pieces, tracked, insured delivery and VAT are all included in the price.

(The Walnut boards have no numbers and letters.)

Walnut + Timeless: £464
Walnut + Classic: £472
Walnut + Royal: £513
Walnut + Ebony: £577
Walnut + Official FIDE:£653

Rosewood (with numbers and letters) + Timeless: £481
Rosewood (with numbers and letters) + Classic: £489
Rosewood (with numbers and letters) + Royal: £530
Rosewood (with numbers and letters) + Ebony: £594
Rosewood (with numbers and letters) + Official FIDE: £670

Wenge (with numbers and letters) + Timeless: £472
Wenge (with numbers and letters) + Classic: £480
Wenge (with numbers and letters) + Royal: £521
Wenge (with numbers and letters) + Ebony: £585
Wenge (with numbers and letters) + Official FIDE: £661

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: The price for customers in the USA and Canada, including pieces, tracked, insured premium delivery, full DGT customer support, and with UK tax removed, is £20 LESS than the UK price, so for example, Walnut + Timeless is £444 by PayPal.
£444 is about US$611.

USA CUSTOMERS: NO CUSTOMS DUTY APPEARS TO BE CHARGED ON DELIVERIES TO THE USA, though this cannot be certain. OTHER OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS (outside the EU): please ask for the total price including delivery to pay.

Five versions of the pieces are available: Timeless, Classic, Royal, Ebony.and Official FIDE.
The board size is 54 cm x 54 cm, the squares 5.4 cm, and the King size 9.5 cm (3.75 inches) in all versions. It is compatible with the (red) DGT 3000 CLOCK, which, if delivered at the same time, is £62 (PayPal). You may consider the clock essential, so that you can see the board’s moves in the display. A CARRY-BAG (weighs 2.25kg) for the board is also available for £52 (PayPal) from Doska, if in the same delivery as the board. Please specify either the black or green bag. (As the carry-bag is so heavy, there may well be an additional delivery charge, especially to countries outside the European Union.)

The board is compatible with ChessBase, so also with many current and older chess programmes. If in doubt, please ask.

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Board Type

Walnut, Rosewood, Wenge

Chess Pieces

Timeless, Classic, Royal, Ebony, Official FIDE


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